Swansea signings? Euro 2016 Scouting

At Jack Swan, we have a huge team of scouts at Euro 2016 (you lot on facebook!!) looking for our next Swans signings. Here is who we see as the potential ones.

Joe Allen:
Scouted by: Stephan Jones, David Jones, Ian Jones, Tim Harris & Clare Lewis

He’s one that most Swans fans would love to see back at SA1. A fairly disappointing semi-final in what was otherwise an outstanding championship. He certainly did his reputation no harm but may have attracted other suitors!

How likely?
Quite frankly, it will tell us a LOT about our current boards ambition. I imagine that we could get him if we really wanted him and I don’t see why we wouldn’t! rumours are that Klopp isn’t fussed, he will cost money, probably in excess of 10 million but sometimes you do need to splash the cash!! It would be really disappointing  if we chose Fer over him because of the price!

Scouted by Clare Lewis, Ian Jones, Tim Harris, Stephan Jones & David Jones

Absolutely amazed that he hasn’t already to be honest. I really like him but can’t see him being our first choice striker but he would be a decent option to have in the squad and he can play out wide or through the middle!

How likely?
I would say unlikely. His reputation has been enhanced, his wage demands will be greater than what they would have been a month ago and I can’t see our board paying what they would see as an inflated price for a player who is available on a freebie. Strange to me.. We will see.

James Chester
Scouted by: Ian Jones, Clare Jones, Stephan Jones, Tim Harris

He’s been the best defender in the tournament for me! I like making outrageous statements!!! He’s a centre back who isn’t afraid to make a challenge and has developed a great partnership with the captain of Wales.

How likely?
Very unlikely! He forced his way into Pulis’ side towards the end of last season and the Welshman would have been impressed with his performances over the last month. He would cost money and it doesn’t look as though we are going to spend unless we have to and it’s not a position that I can see us investing any real dosh in!
Chris Gunter
Scoted by: Clare Lewis, Gerry Taylor, Tim Harris & Stephan Jones

Another player who excelled in this tournament. Still only 26 and playing championship football , you imagine that he will feel that he has earned the chance to play at a  higher level.

How likely?
He’s contracted until 2018 but that means little in modern day football. I would say that this deal is the most likely out of all of the Welsh players at Euro 2016. We should be in the market for a right back and Gunter shouldn’t break the bank balance too much. Little swap with Kyle Naughton plus a million?

Moussa Sissoko
Scouted by: Gareth Walters, David Alder

43 caps for France? Didn’t know he’d been that high profile! He looks a totally different player for France than he does for Newcastle. He actually looks interested in the game. He will certainly have people looking at him, especially if he is on the winning side tomorrow

How likely?
There is no reason why not! He may cost between ten or even twenty million but that is the going rate and sooner or later, we will learn this. I would say that it is incredibly unlikely because we don’t look like we are willing to show any real investment into our squad and are hoping to stumble by once more.

Scouted by: Alun Krem-Szczesniak

He’s been at the heart of the Polish midfield which could have gone on a lot further in the tournament. Fantastic looking player and at 26, has a big future ahead of him!

How likely?
No chance whatsoever! He signed for PSG just before the competition having impressed for Seville. Missed out on this one!!!

Balazs Dzudzsak
Scouted by Ian Harding

The Hungarian winger has impressed on the international stage for some time, scoring 20 goals for his country from out wide. At 29, he has been around the block a bit, with an impressive record at PSV before moving to Russia and now playing his trade in Turkey

How likely?
No reason why not! He would be affordable and would suit our style. His age would be against our usual type of signing and so I can’t see it happening.

Shane long
Scouted by Martin Davies

I’m a huge fan of Shane Long. I don’t think any defender in football enjoys playing against him, he has an edgy side to him, his pace is electric and he knows where the back of the net is.

How likely?
I don’t know is my honest answer. I think it is possible. Southampton have a new manager which always makes comings and goings more likely and they haven’t long signed Charlie Austin and have Pelle on their books. He’s another one which would cost money and would probably expect to join a club looking to progress and so (once again) it depends on what our future holds!