Tates Tales 3

After that promotion, did you feel that we could stay up? Again it seemed insane to me.

The aim was never to stay up. The aim externally might have been but internally it was the play-offs.

And we nearly did

Yeah we nearly did. Think we finished 8th didn’t we? Because I didn’t start the season, I was coming back from a couple of holidays overweight and Rob wasn’t happy. First game of the season was against QPR and the game after someone got injured and I ended up going in and then the same the game after, the same thing happened and I ended up going on after that and then I played the rest of the season as left back.

You were back playing again, at the highest level that you had played at, how did you find the Championship? Did you feel comfortable with the level?

Yeah, always found it ok. Because you are playing with better players as well, we had brought better players in and always found it easier, especially the way that we were playing, passing it instead of booting it down the line and trying to sort of get near their box to get a cross in; found it a lot easier yeah.

How difficult was it not knowing where you were playing each week? You played left back, right back and centre back?

I always thought of myself as tactically good and so it was never really a problem, I always saw it as a positive and sort of more strings to your bows as against nailing down one position and only being able to do one thing. Always been a team player and wanted what was best for the team and not just for me.

Because some people say that you’re better off having one fixed position. Would you say that it was beneficial to your career being able to play in more than one position?

100% yeah. Especially down here. Like I said, it was always about the team rather than myself and whether I was playing left back, right back, centre defence, centre midfield or in goal then it didn’t make a difference to me

You also played in goal that season; what was that like? Did you enjoy it?

Yeah I didn’t mind it. It was the second time that I had played in goal as I played away at Hartlepool when Rodge done his back in and so it was the second time that I had played in goal and yeah I enjoyed it!! Think I’m the only keeper in the world with a 50% clean sheet record! Conceded one at Hartlepool and none at QPR

That is decent that. Although Rangel has a 100% clean sheet record!

Don’t count one game!!! haha

When did you realise that it was down to you?

I’ve always known. I’ve always known that I would be sub keeper. If we didn’t have a keeper then I always knew that I was going in.

Did you ever practice?

Yeah, I used to mess about at the end of training having the lads take shots at me so yeah, it was always going through my head yeah.