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[frame src=”” width=”350″ height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” lightbox=”on” title=”The Board” align=”left” ]The way our board is set up with the Supporters Trust is the envy of fans up and down the country and in fact across the globe. Having fans with direct involvement with the football club is brilliant and long may it continue. The potential of foreign investment has scared some but it has certainly reminded us all that the trust plays a vital role in us securing our future identity and success.
We have had the same board members with the same stake for over a decade, the stability has been incredible and the rise even more so. Let’s not kid ourselves, at some point we are going to need new members on the board and it is looking very likely that that time is going to be upon us very soon.

We don’t like change! We don’t want or need it but change is inevitable; nothing lasts forever. I have heard numerous people who are outraged at certain board members looking to make a ‘quick buck’ on their shares as rumours suggest at least one of our board are looking to pocket some capital.

Now, I quite like Swansea City Football Club; I think we are wonderful. In truth though, if I owned 15% shares in it and I could sell 5% of them for £5 million; the only decision I would have is whether to have my second home in France or Spain!If this isn’t the case with you then you either have a lot more money than me to start with or it may be time you get your prioritise straight.
Lets be real about it; this board took a gamble on a club that was worthless and its now worth a lot. They don’t owe us anything, as people; I would think no less of any of them if they cashed in and got as much as they possibly could and enjoyed a millionaire lifestyle with their family: Who wouldn’t!

Fortunately, I think (I don’t know) that our current members are able to negotiate a deal which allows any seller to park their yacht at Grand Prix circuits while ensuring that our club is still in safe hands; keep everyone happy.

So, it is inevitable that shares will be sold and sooner rather than later. The big question then is; to who?
And to be honest; who cares?

I know this sounds blunt and there is fear, of course there is but football doesn’t make money! If our fear is that someone is looking at Swansea football club with the intension of making a ‘fast buck’ then I think we are overestimating the stupidity of potential investors.

[frame src=”” width=”350″ height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” lightbox=”on” title=”Club Investment” align=”left” ]Nobody should invest in a football club to make money! It is incredibly rare that it is an ‘investment’ it is generally more of a gift. Of course we should pay attention to who is giving us this gift and how much control these people have over our club but in reality; I’m not that concerned at all. There can be no evil plot to take money out of the club: it just can’t happen to an extent where it would be worth a multi-millionaire getting involved.

They may be able to pocket a few hundred grand a year here and there but there are far, far better investment opportunities with safer and far more rewarding results. The image of a wealthy business person coming in and making a fast buck is ludicrous, it doesn’t make any sense!

In the next six months, I would be very surprised if we don’t have a new member on the board, the chances are that they will be from abroad and incredibly wealthy and have no background in ‘soccer’. The reality is that it won’t make the blindest bit of notice to us though, we won’t even notice!
We need to embrace this investment because if we don’t then all we will do is put off some investors and the club will have less people to choose from. And let’s be honest, what option do we have? Who else could buy these shares?

The Supporters Trust? For God sake no!!!!

First of all, the trust clearly cannot afford it, although it is keen to extend its share. The trust is brilliant and Huw Cooze and Phil Sumbler appear to be fantastic and do brilliantly for the club on a daily basis for little acknowledgment but the last thing a football club wants in reality is to actually be run by the fans.

We’d descend into a kind of Welsh Committee football club where we’d have meetings about when to have the next meeting and it would take weeks to decide which brand of toilet paper we should be using. There would have been 17 votes over the last year to see whether Monk should keep his job and Gomis would be training with the under nines.

As it currently stands, it is perfect, we have business people running the business of the club and we have a clear understanding of who has what jobs and who controls what while having the safety net of the trust which feeds the fans information.

The club is going to have new blood on the board very soon but we need to let the board sort this: they have my absolute trust with this, I really can’t see what the concerns are.

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