The Graveyard of Ambition

So, we’re currently in 8th position in the Premier League having amassed more points at this level than we ever have done, it’s been a great season all told and even if we were to drop a place or two there’s absolutely nothing I can find to complain about. Seriously, if we’d been offered this at the start of the season is there anyone out there who wouldn’t have taken it? I didn’t think so.

How crap is that?

There are about 7 teams at the start of every season that you’d reasonably expect to finish behind, the only reason we’re 8th is because Everton have been pretty crap this year. We’ve got a chance at 6th even, but that’s with Spurs doing worse than they have done for a few years.

So we look at the team that dared to dream  – Southampton in all there under-doggedness looked like they bloody well might give the big boys a bit of a scare this year… and then they didn’t, and they now find themselves as likely to finish behind us as anything else. We play in a league where for the majority of teams being average = success, but what the hell are teams like ours supposed to do?

Our only options from here are to try and pinch another league cup, an F.A. cup at best, and that’s providing we get a decent draw, not too many injuries AND all the big boys don’t quite fancy it (good luck to the Villa by the way). Christ, do you remember going up the leagues? Remember the playoff final? Winning the J.P.T. or Christ, just not getting relegated felt better than this….

Not even money can console us, everyone on my Facebook timeline was delighted to hear we are now the 29th richest club in the world, bit of hope there then? Nope, we’re the 13th in the premier league, which makes an 8th place finish an honest to god over achievement. If we… if anyone wants domestic glory in the country now they have to have a sugar-daddy, some rich guys who’ve got nothing else left to play with. But does that feel right to anyone? Jack Swan didn’t seem to fancy it a few months ago, or it did and was making fun of people who didn’t or whatever the hell we thought we were going on about with that cover (sorry U.S. fans!).

It was Bob Dylan or Dylan Thomas or, screw it, Twin Town that famously said that Swansea was the graveyard of ambition. It isn’t – It’s the English Premier League.