Should The Supporters Trust CASH in on its shares and sell to Levien for £30 million?

Bear with me!!! Some would say that it would be deemed crazy for supporters to sell their stake in their own football club, especially when trying so hard to acquire more stock but the current situation is even crazier!

There seems very little or even no point in the supporters trust at this moment in time while the Americans own a majority stake and the trust owns less than 25%.

The Trust have tried all ways to get to the magic 25% but its not looking promising a all. We have been told that the trust has been kept in the dark about pretty much everything and we know that there is no vito or power with a sub-25% stake. So what is the current point of the Trust?

The 21% share that the trust has (at this very moment in time) seems completely useless!! Very little can be done with it, it has no influence over anything; so why keep the shares?

The shares are worth in excess of £30 million! One of two things will happen with the club in the next few years (or even longer than that).

1) The club will thrive under the Americans. We will improve year on year and cement ourselves more and more in the top flight and all will be delightful!

Or 2) The club will dip! The new board will rip the team apart, spend nothing and we will lose Premier League status, get relegated to League 1 the following year and then administration!

That’s your two scenarios and the supporters trust has absolutely no influence on which one will occur. Whether we are great or whether we are awful will be influenced by the majority share holders and them alone; so what is the point of keeping the shares?

If the Trust sold-up and had £30 million in the bank then it doesn’t affect scenario 1 in any way and we pick up the pieces with scenario 2 (as a 100% shareholder!!).

Ideally, the Supporters Trust gets that extra 4% and can then ensure scenario 2 never does happen but that’s not looking likely and so it may be time to accept that thing are out of our hands, keep fingers crossed for scenario 1 but plan ahead and cover worst case scenario! Save for a rainy day and all that; £30 million is a pretty decent rainy day fund!!!

I’m not saying that we should!! but just an idea…………..