‘The Welsh are as patriotic as a French Pizza’ English MP

‘The Welsh are as patriotic as a French Pizza’

Just when politics couldn’t get any more mental, the Conservative MP for North Arindale has caused outrage with his comments about how unpatriotic Wales are. Yannick Windupalot who was born and raised in Swindon said ‘you drive through Welsh villages, towns and cities and you would never guess that anything was going on, it’s their first tournament since 1958. There are St George flags everywhere If you drive through any English town when there is a World Cup or Euro on. I don’t know whether the Welsh think that they won’t get their money’s worth out of buying a flag or whether they just don’t care about their country but I’m amazed at how boring the people are!! In reality, the Welsh are as patriotic as a French Pizza’.

What do you think? Do you have a Welsh flag up? One in your street?