Welsh FA Want Swansea V Man UTD to be at the Millenium Stadium

It is thought that talks have began between Swansea City Football club and the Welsh Football Association about bringing one Premier League match per season to the Welsh capital. There has been no top flight football in Cardiff for over two years and it is expected that Vincent Tan will leave the club in the next twelve months and leave the club in financial turmoil.

There are many within Cardiff council that are very keen to have top quality football in the city and the Welsh football association will try and build on the success of the national team in Euro 2016.

If it does happen then it is a move which is likely to annoy fans of both Swansea and Cardiff. Swans fan Peter Ryan told us that ‘it’s a joke! Why should we have to go all the way to Cardiff to watch the Swans at home? It is a dangerous move! Where will it stop? We will be playing a game abroad? We should always play our home games in Swansea!’

Cardiff fan Huw Charles said ‘it would obviously be nice to see the best players in the world. I probably would go yeah. I think that would be the problem. If Swansea were playing Man United in the Premier league at the Millennium stadium then nobody would go to watch Cardiff play would they? Let’s be honest!’

It is unknown what the Swansea hierarchy think of the idea but it would certainly be tempting financially and would help to attract new fans East of Bridgend. 80,000 fans can pack into the Millennium stadium and the WFA want a high profile match which would sell out.

Our source within football thinks that the move could be in place as quickly as next season but details are unknown as to how it would work, whether the game would fit under the current season ticket as usual or whether season ticket holders would need to purchase a ticket.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Swans play a game at the Millennium Stadium to appeal to more fans?