What Brexit may mean for the Swans

As Swansea wakes up to a new country, the EU exit is likely to affect most large businesses and Swansea City Football Club will be one of them.

Initially, the timing may actually be perfect for the club. The falling value of the pound is disastrous when trying to sign players abroad while using pound sterling. However the opposite would be true if you happened to be in the process of being taken over by people who deal in dollars. Suddenly they can buy more sterling for their bucks!

However, while dealing with pounds, we will be getting less player for our money when dealing with any club outside of the UK and the vast majority of our income comes in the form of sterling from the television deal and so we are a poorer club on the global scale than we were yesterday.

So players on the continent will seem more expensive but even if we are happy to pay the 8 or 10% more for a players transfer fee (plus wages), they are likely to be far more difficult to actually get over here.

Any Football Manager fan from days gone by will remember the frustration of finding the perfect player but for them to be turned down for a work permit! Players from outside of the EU need to have played a percentage of games for their national side in order to be granted a permit. The percentage changes depending on the FIFA ranking of the national side e.g. someone having played 50% of games for Brazil over the last two years would be fine while playing the same amount of games for Papa New Guinea probably won’t!

How many of our current squad would have been granted permission?

Fabianski played (and does again) second fiddle to the other guy at Arsenal and so its quite likely that he would never have got over the Seven Bridge. Rangel wouldn’t get a look in, Paloschi, Michu, Chico, De Guzman and Vorm may never have got here and this is while Scotland remains in the UK; Kingsley may soon be a foreign national.

The UK changed today and the Premier League did to. Will it remain the place to be? Would a less competitive league be better? Would we prefer less money? Less foreigners and have a team of lesser talented British players in it?