What the Opposition think: Liverpool


Looking towards the Liverpool game. I spoke with Josh from www.theanfieldwrap.com to ask him his thoughts.

What Liverpool player should Swansea be most worried about and why?

Liverpool’s danger man could easily be considered to be one of a few (the likes of Phil Coutinho, Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana etc.), for several reasons. However, I’m going to go with Roberto Firmino just for the way he links up the play. He is crucial to the combinations involved in our attacking play and we are at our best when he is on his game. Stop him and you’ve got a much better chance of stopping us.

What Swans player are you most concerned about and why?

I haven’t had the chance to watch a lot of Swansea this season, though I have caught glimpses of games and Match of the Day highlights on the odd occasion. I’m usually most worried about Gylfi Sigurdsson, so I’ll probably go for him again. He’s one of the most threatening Swansea players in terms of creating chances and his shooting ability makes him a constant threat in and around the area. I’m also a bit worried by the height of Fernando Llorente, so could be interesting to see how we deal with him.

Can Liverpool keep up their energy for the whole season?



I’d like to think so. Not being In Europe definitely gives us more of a chance of doing just that. The good thing about us this season is that, while that energy and pressing is so important to our game, we are showing signs that there is more to our game under Jurgen Klopp. Some of the passing play we have displayed on the ball is frightening at times but more impressively is the way we are starting to see out games, whereas in the past we have been known to capitulate in key moments of games.

The energy in the Liverpool midfield is phenomenal. Watching it, I feel Joe Allen is the perfect fit for how Klopp wants his midfielders to play. Why do you feel that it didn’t work for him?

Joe Allen I think he was a good player and it was understandable that he wanted more game time. His problem was, more so at the start of his Liverpool career, nobody seemed to know where his best position was – him included – and others ended up excelling him when they got their chance. With the options we have now it’s hard to see where he would have got the game time, although I did enjoy a few of his cameos towards the back end of last season and he seemed to enjoy Klopp’s system. In the end it was probably the best move for all parties – he gets game time, Stoke get a good player and we get a good fee for him.

What do you think the score will be Saturday?

I’m going to be optimistic and go for a Liverpool win but I’m fully aware that it won’t be an easy game. We made a bit of a statement at the weekend beating Hull, as people questioned our ability against sides that would usually finish below us – particularly after the loss to Burnley. But I heard Swansea looked great against Man City, and the 3-1 loss didn’t do their performance justice, so they won’t be pushovers by any means. I’m going to say 4-2 to Liverpool.