What you playing at you Greedy bunch of f*cking yanks!!!!

Come over here to screw the club over! Make a quick fortune and then bugger off back home to U.S.A???

Allen had to come home!!!Tony Pretty all over again, not at our club!!! Protests will start with first home game!!!!!!!!

First impressions count!! (I did warm you in issue #49 of Jack Swan) and as Joe Allen seals his switch to Stoke; many see our failure to match Stokes ambition as their first impression of the new board and it is fair to say that it isn’t very popular. The above might be an extreme exaggeration of the feelings amongst the fans but today may have been the road towards such future animosity and in reality; it does seem a really poor decision on so many levels!

Time will tell but owners of football clubs often forget that their fans are their customers and it is always a good idea to at least try to make your customers happy. £13.5 million (and an expected instant £7 million back from a Ki sale) for a player recently voted into the team of Euro 2016 and would almost certainly see out his career at the club and become a future captain seems like very good footballing business.

But it is a complete no-brainer as a PR exercise!

He’s our Joey! He’s come through the ranks, many of us remember his debut, he was the future and then he wasn’t and he could have been again; but you stopped it! There is a lot of anger amongst the Swans fans today, there is always a relationship between fans and the clubs owners and it is far healthier for the club if that relationship is a positive one but it is usually down to the owners to instigate that! We aren’t a greedy bunch. We don’t want wild and erratic spending but we also don’t expect to be for a ride and frankly taken the piss out of. First impressions really do count. When Swansea had their worse ever season and nearly got relegated from the football league, there was incredibly little blame laid at the door of our board of directors who took over twelve months earlier.

This was mainly because of our first impressions of them; they were the ones who got rid of Petty, that was our first impression of them and the relationship between fans and board was always positive and healthy from day one! Sadly, our first impressions of our new set-up are that communication with the trust was non-existent (pissed people off), seem reluctant to look at the stadium (not getting better) and now penny pinching has cost us our own Joey!! It seems foolish in reality! This relationship has started very poorly, it is early days but don’t leave it too late or it may be hard to rekindle. A five odd million upgrade from Ki to Allen would have gone a long way to making friends and would have been a great first impression