Where has all the money gone?

Swansea City has spent just £6.3 million net on transfers since joining the Premier League!!

According to transfermarkt.co.uk (which is a website dedicated to finding out and revealing transfer prices) the Swans have a net spend of just £6.3 million over the 11 transfer windows since joining the Premier League.

Although the website is far from perfectly accurate, it is likely to be a reasonable guide. Now, on the one hand the clubs Premier League survival on this shoestring budget is clearly a remarkable achievement and something we should celebrate! But on the other hand it does pose the question; what could the club achieve if it did show a bit more ambition?

In the latest rich list of football clubs released in January, Swansea City are the 26th richest club in Europe based on their revenue over the 14/15 season. This is one place above Stoke City who lay in 27th. Over the last 11 transfer windows Stoke City have a net spend of £85.9 million.

At the risk of sounding like an Arsenal fan; I totally understand that the infrastructure needed doing! The academy and training facilities are outstanding and were very costly but it is about time that we spent some money because if we don’t and we go down then we can’t complain and it would ultimately be what our lack of ambition deserved!

Season Swansea Stoke
2011/12 £-10.54m £-19.40m
2012/13 £10.31m £-19.58m
2013/14 £-20.92m £-5.95m
2014/15 +£17.30m +£1.70m
2015/16 £-4.55m £-24.40m
2016/17 +£2.04m £-18.28m
£6.4 million £85.9 million