Your ENGLAND jokes

Amy Melissa Key What’s the difference between England and a tea bag? …..A tea bag stays longer in a cup

Lynsey Hughes England manager gets paid 4.6 million, whilst the Iceland manager is a part time dentist!

Chris Stevens Not a joke but an amussing fact!!
England have been beaten by a country so small, there’s an app to make sure you aren’t dating within your family

Robert Wayne Cook Iceland is supposed to be cheap but Joe Hart saved nothing

Jan Ellis Englishman, Irish man and a Scottish man walk into a bar……here to watch the Welsh game lads :-))

Shelly Scfc P I just ordered Bonnie Tylers goalkeeping blunders on DVD. Its just totally clips of Joe Hart

Shelly Scfc P Englishman,Irishman,Scottish man,drinking in the pub,No Welsh man,,Englishman.said,where is he,Guy replied..Still in France in euros

Malcolm Rees The English team will be landing in cardiff where they will receive a Hero’s welcome

Alun Krem-Szczesniak Not a joke but an Ian Wright quote “It reminded me of Space Jam, it was as if the Mon-stars had stolen their talent.”

Theo C Cupier FLOOD WARNING!! across England as Wales and Scotland piss themselves laughing 🙂

Peter Ryan Roy invoked article 50

Aled Jones After the game, Rooney was asked what he thought about Brexit. He said ‘I think it’s the most important meal of the day’

Diana Doyle Vote for Roy as Prime Minister. He will easily get England out or Europe

England Chiefs have noticed that Iceland have fielded an ineligible player for the last 2 games, which means they could actually be disqualified, and that could put England back in the Euro cup. Check it out on the BBC website. It’s right. England appealed to FiFA only 25 mins ago. If their claim is upheld it will mean they are through to the last few, + could actually be on their way to be champions!!

Carlsberg don’t do messages for delusional English dreamers who STILL think they can win everything. But if they did… this would probably have been the best message in the world.

Ceri Jones Thought joe hart had strong wrists considering how much of a w&nker he is