Zouma & Batshuayi for Llorente? Swansea to hold Chelsea to ransom?

It is becoming widely reported that Conte wants Llorente to join him at Chelsea and the London club usually get what they want. It also seems clear that Batshuayi needs to be carted out on loan first in order to gain first team football and you’d expect that they would want him to get some experience in the Premier League.

Is it just me or is this awesome news?

Anyone who has seen anything of Marseille in recent years would dream about him being at the Swans. A big, strong, fast and powerful striker who causes carnage in a far more Swansea style way than our Spaniard does. A combination of Bony and the good parts of Gomis; I’m happy with a straight swap!!

But they don’t know that! They are the ones doing the wanting so why not grab a future French captain while in negotiations? This looks like it really could happen people!!! This could save our season!!!!! Come on Huwbert!!!!!!

Chelsea have no European Football remember so any game time is ONLY to be had in the league or FA cup.

Would you swap Llorente for Batshuayi until the end of the season or would you need Zouma thrown into the deal?